1/1985-12/1992 -Advertising, The Mediators, 667 Madison Ave, New York NY

  • The Mediators - Television Advertising
  • Promotion Assistant for Rock Impresario, Don Kirshner
  • Mediators Picture Company

The Circus Performers -- Date Unknown
    Robert Frederick Blum 1857 -1903

City College, 137 Convent Ave, New York, NY  

  • BA Degree


Robert H. Burke



                           Robert H.  Burke, Bonham's, NYC, Nov 2014                    

Lillie's Great Grandson

  Robert Hubert Burke

         Great Aunt Marie Meers


         Lillie Meers and me. I'm the little one under the tent.

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2/1992-7/2012 - Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, 101 Hudson St, Jersey City, NJ

  • Proxy

  • Litigation

                     The Tatali Circus   

Grandmother  Eva Tatali Pruna  Burke  

 Lillie's second, great grand daughter's horse,  Cherokee  - New York,  2014



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